This blog is pretty much a Live Blog that I will use to express my joys and frustrations whilst gaming.

I play a wide variety of games which will all be featured here whilst I play them. I may post more during some games than others but there will more than likely always be something going on because I am usually always playing something.

This blog started in March 2013



I managed to buy a Theros Booster Box and have started Magic back up again with a group of really close friends.

I am pretty sure my deck will be shit as I haven’t played in about 5 years but FUCK IT

I will kick everyone’s ass eventually…

List of my deck will come soon


I say he is a dick and then I beat him with an impressive score - I think anyway…

Turn: 7/15
Quota: 56/50

Coin Count: 3
Echo: x6

I love The Gullwings <3
I know this is Celsius but hey it’s iconic

I love The Gullwings <3

I know this is Celsius but hey it’s iconic

I am surprised and happy at the amount of Boss fights I am NOT having in this game at the moment

Going from one side of the Calm Lands to the other in an attempt to level up my characters to finally learn certain moves for the next coming bosses…

I remember the one after the Calm Lands was a pain in the ass…

I need Tidus to learn Hastega - or I’m fucked…

Auron needs to start dealing some HEAVY damage  or I’m fucked…

Yuna finally learnt Dispel - slightly less fucked…

Would be nice for Lulu to have her -aga spells - make things less fucked…


remember to stock up on holy waters maybe have riku make some anti-zombification gear.

That saved my ass… Holy Waters were the best stock I had from the Calm Lands point onwards. At that time I don’t think I had anti-zombie in my customization list - I do now after finishing it however. But I’ll definitely be using it when I go through my second time and kick the crap out of Yu Yevon with my Celestial Weapons =D


Ditto. Also, you might want to do that “capture the fiends” game from that old man for 99 Farplane Winds. It will left you customize Deathproof on one character’s armor and it works really well with Zombieproof (which you’d get later by stealing items.)
Thanks for the item heads up! I only know to do that game for Auron’s Celestial Weapon stuff. I will definitely be doing it anyway because I have been having so much fun playing FFX - I am trying to finish FFX-2 for the time being but I’ll definitely be posting more about FFX later because I love it so much!

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